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Services - Construction

Tippler bins

Tippler bins are typically distributed around a large, highrise construction site so that work crews can conveniently use them in their work area. They are then carried to a skip bin or hook lift bin using a forklift with rotating tynes, which flip the tippler bin to fill the larger bin.
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Tippler Bins

Tippler bins are much smaller than skip bins and are used as convenient waste receptacles in different locations around a building site. Once full, they are generally tipped into a skip bin or hook lift bin using a forklift with rotating tynes. They are often used at the fitout stage in highrise buildings and being equipped with rubber lined castors, can be craned up to each floor and pushed around by hand for convenience.

Recycle Central can provide a number of complementary tippler bins in either 0.5 or 0.7 cubic metre sizes for larger construction projects.

By default, tippler bins are equipped with castors that allow them to be moved by hand if placed on level surfaces such as concrete slabs. However, if a client prefers not to move them by hand, the castors can be removed by request.

Tippler bins can be supplied with crane lift certification if required for highrise work.

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