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Civil & Infrastructure

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Recycle Central counts many tier-1 civil and infrastructure construction companies among its clients. Our managers and operations staff are well-versed in the requirements of site operations on major civil projects.

Waste minimisation, recycling and carbon footprint reduction are some of the highest priorities in the primary infrastructure sector. Recycle Central is exceptionally well-placed to assist its clients in this respect. 

All mixed waste collected is transported to our state-of-the-art resource recovery facility to extract the maximum possible proportion of recyclable materials, thereby diverting waste from landfill. 

We prepare a monthly report to specify the quantities of waste collected and the corresponding metrics on recovery and recycling.

On top of this, we deliver a safety-focused, highly efficient and flexible service. We work with our clients to plan and execute all waste collection activities at different project stages, to ensure a smooth and convenient experience.

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