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Services - Commercial & Industrial

Paper & Cardboard

Paper and cardboard is 100% recyclable if kept clean and dry before collection and represents an excellent opportunity to contribute to the sustainability performance of companies.
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Paper and Cardboard

In New South Wales (NSW), paper and cardboard recycling is a key aspect of the state's "War on Waste" campaign. This initiative emphasizes the importance of reducing waste and promoting recycling across various sectors. Collected paper and cardboard materials undergo rigorous sorting to remove contaminants before being processed into new products. Recycling in NSW not only reduces the demand for virgin materials but also conserves resources and mitigates pollution. Efforts to promote recycling in the state include public campaigns, legislative measures, and community engagement. Continued advancements in recycling infrastructure and technology are crucial to further improve recycling rates and sustainability efforts in NSW's ongoing "War on Waste."

Recycle Central offers a convenient and competitively priced service for collecting clean cardboard and paper. Depending on your business needs, this can be an on-demand service or a regular, programmed collection. We can tailor a service to your needs that may include a bin for mixed dry waste and mixed recyclable waste as well as for paper and cardboard.

As with all of Recycle Central's commercial and industrial collections, we back ourselves on our service and value for money, and unlike most competitors, we do not have long-term contracts to lock our customers in.

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