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Environment & Sustainability

Recycle Central has been built from the ground up on the central tenet of caring for the environment and of promoting local, regional & global sustainability benefits through our processes and business operations.
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Diversion from Landfill

Traditional waste management practices have primarily entailed transporting customers' waste directly to a landfill where viable materials, such as concrete, steel and wood, are buried, and their value is lost forever. Recycle Central takes an alternative approach wherein we concentrate on recovering all we can of variable materials from the collected waste. 

Processing Facilities

We have invested in state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and a highly trained team. All mixed waste that Recycle Central collects from its customers is brought to our facilities and mechanically processed to ensure the recovery and diversion from landfill of the maximum amount of material.

Recovered Products

Quality-controlled, recovered materials are then provided to our selected recycling partners, who undertake further processing to produce materials that can re-enter the market as the final link in joining the circular economy. The recovered materials that are recycled include concrete, wood, steel, plasterboard, paper, cardboard PVC and HDPE plastic.

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Environment & Sustainability

Our operations are carried out with the utmost care for our surrounding environment, and adequate controls are in place to ensure they have no adverse impacts. 

Facility controls include frequent cleaning of facility ground surfaces with a street sweeper truck and using high-capacity misting systems and sound-insulated walls to suppress any noise generated.

Our fleet of trucks are all modern European Euro5-compliant models, designed and maintained to achieve low emissions of CO2 and particulate matter.

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