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Resource Recovery Facilities

The cornerstone of Recycle Central's operations is it's facility-based resource recovery. All of our customers' waste is ultimately processed in our Kurri Kurri facility, where the maximum recovery of viable material for recycling occurs.
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Resource Recovery

Recycle Central Group has developed a facility at Kurri Kurri, NSW, that it proudly believes to be the best in class. A culmination of years of experience and constant improvement, the world's best equipment has been brought together with a highly motivated team to attain the best possible resource recovery outcomes.

We process waste collected directly from our customers using our fleet of waste collection trucks. It is also utilised by other waste management companies, individual builders, and residents who transport their material to the facility.

Materials recovered include wood, concrete, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and plasterboard. Concrete is recycled in our facility by crushing to form recovered aggregates. In contrast, other recovered materials are sent to our recycling partners to be turned back into viable materials and products.

The overall benefits are many and include:
- Diversion of waste from landfill.
- Reduced carbon emissions.
- Reduced need for mining and quarrying raw materials.
- Cost benefits for our clients.
- Creation of jobs in resource recycling.

Our customers can be confident that we are looking after their waste material in the best possible way, reducing environmental impacts while providing a confident, helpful, and value-for-money service.

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