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Our Approach

Onsite Recycling & Resource Recovery

Recycle Central strives to achieve the maximum possible on-site resource recovery and recycling on client project sites. At the planning stage, our professional team develops a deconstruction methodology to ensure that the integrity of individual recyclable materials is preserved.
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Recycle Central Group has brought an established European methodology to the Australian market and taken it to a highly optimised level. A planned sequence of "deconstruction" is executed during demolition so that viable materials are not lost from recycling.

Before commencement, detailed building surveys are analysed to identify all opportunities to preserve materials such as wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and concrete are identified. Accordingly, 3D modelling techniques are used to plan the demolition program in detail to extract these materials in the most complete manner possible.

When engaged by a developer or builder who will require aggregates at the construction stage, we can often recycle concrete on-site to produce aggregates that can be re-used onsite after being tested and certified for suitability. This offers an excellent opportunity to achieve a sustainability win while reducing project costs.

We are highly experienced at executing such projects in residential and commercial areas and have developed exceptional techniques for mitigating noise, vibration, and dust impacts so that projects can be executed harmoniously with the host community.

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