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Services - Construction

Spoil Management

One of the often underestimated costs associated with construction is that of management and disposal of excavation spoil. Recycle Central has vast experience in the cost-effective and environmentally sustainable management of bulk excavated materials.
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Why is Spoil Managment Critical?

The well-planned and executed management of excavation spoil is vital to construction projects' environmental performance and cost.

More than any other component of total construction cost, failure to properly understand the materials handling, transport and disposal requirement of soil and fill materials located on a construction site has the potential to cause massive cost overruns.

Recycle Central and its sister company, Central Services, have vast experience in managing spoil from large-scale excavations. Whether the material is classified as VENM, ENM, GSW, ASS, PASS or asbestos-contaminated soil, Recycle Central can provide an optimised solution to its clients.

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