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Services - Construction

Craneable Bins

Central Skips maintains a huge inventory of skip bins and hook lift bins that are certified for crane lifting. These are typically required on high-rise construction sites where bins must be lifted from one location to another.
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Crane-Certified Bins

Central Skips is one of the few skip bin suppliers in the Newcastle and Hunter region to maintain a substantial inventory of bins that are certified each year for crane lift operation. This is a requirement for working in the high-rise construction sector, where tower cranes are used to hoist waste bins. 


Tippler Bins

These bins come in two small sizes: 0.5 cubic metres and 0.7 cubic metres. Optionally fitted with casters, they are typically used on high-rise construction sites for the interior fit-out stage. They can be moved around by hand on the floor, then lifted down by crane to be tipped into a larger skip bin or hook lift bin.

Skip Bins

Skip bins in 2, 4, 6 and 8 cubic metre sizes are available for crane-lift use.

Hook lift Bins

Hook lift bins in 12,15 and 20 cubic metre sizes are available for crane-lift use.

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